DEPIN Meets SIM3: Revolutionizing WEB3 Security in Mobile Telecom

SIM3 is the industry-standard Web3 services platform connecting the people, businesses, and data of today with the Web3 world of tomorrow.


Introducing Jellyfish Mobile

Our Mission

Pioneering Secure Mobile Communication

Jellyfish Mobile is pioneering the future of mobile communication by integrating Web3 technologies with existing telecom infrastructure. Our unique Wallet-On-SIM technology offers unmatched security for mobile asset storage. We’re committed to protecting users from threats like SIM-Swap attacks and seamlessly integrating them into the Web3 ecosystem. Our mission is to empower users to not just communicate, but truly own their digital experiences.


Real-World Use Cases of SIM3 Technology

In a digital landscape where data silos and inefficient information exchange hinder progress, SIM3 by Jellyfish Mobile emerges as a transformative solution. This technology not only enhances security and operational efficiency but also revolutionizes data sharing across various sectors. Explore how SIM3 tackles industry-specific challenges, breaking down data barriers for a more connected and efficient future.

Supply Chain Management

  1. Use Case: A global logistics company struggles with data silos and inefficient tracking.

  2. SIM3 Application: The company utilizes Universal ID for streamlined data sharing. Offline Push Notifications keep stakeholders updated on shipment status, while Hardware Crypto Wallet ensures secure, efficient payment processes.

Finance and Payments

  1. Use Case: A multinational bank faces challenges in secure data management and fraud detection.

  2. SIM3 Application: The bank adopts SIM3 for Universal ID and Password-less Authentication, enhancing customer security. Global Data Connectivity ensures seamless international transactions.


  1. Use Case: A healthcare network needs to securely manage patient data across various facilities.

  2. SIM3 Application: With SIM3, patient data is secured through Universal ID, while Offline Push Notifications keep patients informed about appointments and health updates.


  1. Use Case: An educational institution seeks to integrate technology in remote learning.

  2. SIM3 Application: SIM3 facilitates secure access to digital learning platforms with Universal ID and enhances student-teacher communication with Global Connectivity.


  1. Use Case: A law firm requires secure and efficient document sharing with clients.

  2. SIM3 Application: SIM3’s Secure Document Exchange and Universal ID ensure confidentiality and integrity in legal communications and contract management.

Retail and E-commerce

  1. Use Case: An e-commerce platform needs to improve customer data management and transaction security.

  2. SIM3 Application: The platform uses SIM3 for streamlined customer authentication and employs the Hardware Crypto Wallet for secure payments.

Human Resources

  1. Use Case: A multinational corporation faces challenges in managing a global workforce.

  2. SIM3 Application: SIM3’s Universal ID system streamlines employee data management across different regions, and Global Data Connectivity ensures effective communication.

Download the Use-Cases

Defi/GameFi dApp offline push notifications

Experience a breakthrough with Jellyfish Mobile's unique capability to deliver offline push notifications for your favorite DeFi and GameFi dApps. Stay informed, engaged, and ahead of the curve, even without an active internet connection. It's about ensuring that the decentralized world remains accessible and proactive, anytime and anywhere.

CEX co-branded u/eSIM HW Cold Wallet

Jellyfish Mobile provides a secure, user-controlled crypto wallet address, acting as a fortified offline storage for digital assets. By sidestepping traditional mobile numbers, it nullifies SIM-swap threats, ensuring your assets and identity remain uncompromised, thereby redefining mobile security in the digital age.

OnRamp/OffRamp Fiat through Mobile eWallets

Jellyfish Mobile introduces an OnRamp/OffRamp solution via Mobile eWallets, streamlining the process of buying and selling crypto assets. This intuitive approach targets seamless integration for everyday users, potentially ushering in the next billion participants into the crypto ecosystem, simplifying their transition and enhancing adoption rates.

Wallet-On-SIM Features

True Privacy Cold

Safeguard your funds by isolating the cold wallet from your phone's operating system.

Secure Boot Process

Ensure the integrity of the software running on your device, preventing unauthorized modifications.

Remote Management (OTA)

Receive security patches and policy enforcement updates remotely for optimal protection.


Enjoy secure digital signatures and a robust handshake between your mobile device and the network.

AES128 Encryption

Your data is protected with state-of-the-art encryption technology.

SIM Swap Prevention

Your SIM can only be recovered through seed keys generated upon SIM activation.

Cold Wallet Address Obfuscation

Enhance your privacy with obfuscated cold wallet addresses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Web3 technology refers to the decentralized web, where blockchain and cryptocurrency-based applications enable peer-to-peer interactions and greater user control over their data. JellyFish Mobile integrates web3 technology by offering seamless access to decentralized applications,enhanced privacy features, and secure transactions within their mobile platform.

JellyFish Mobile places a high emphasis on security by implementing robust measures to protect user data. They utilize encryption techniques, secure authentication protocols, and regular security audits to safeguard sensitive information. Additionally, they stay updated with the latest security standards and work with trusted partners to ensure a secure mobile experience.

JellyFish Mobile understands the importance of privacy and offers enhanced privacy features. These may include options to control data sharing, encrypted messaging services, private browsing modes, and anonymized transaction capabilities. They strive to give users control over their personal information and minimize exposure to third-party entities.

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